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Zodiac Signs Gifts

Our work-shop GoldTurtle would like to offer you gifts from “Zodiacal Signs” series. All of them are made in an original manner on the gold leaf. These are not just traditional Zodiacal Signs which you can find in every shop with souvenirs and jewelry. Every present from this collection represents metaphysical entity of every astrological symbol.

In addition it is professionally framed in such a precious metal as gold. Maybe it is really hard to believe but such present contain a real magic that will eventually turn out to by some kind of eternal body guard or even mascot for the owner.

As soon as you take this gift from Zodiacal Sign series you can witness the fact that it is a real masterpiece which was created by professional and talented designers.

Gifts Birthday signs of the Zodiac

Our work-shop GoldTurtle would like to offer you gifts from “Zodiac Signs” series. All of them are made in an original manner on the gold leaf.

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Zodiac Signs are perfect gift!

These original gifts from collection that is called Zodiacal Sign are made using high quality materials that will keep its beauty and elegance for a long period of time. Every sign has the following advantages and features:

  • A noble design of engraving includes bright thematic ideas. These presents are considered to be VIP gifts that can attract and excite even those people who have a very demanding taste.
  • Perfect fillet that also plays the role of frame turns out to be e very good addition and it continues the whole exclusive style of the present.
  • The background is picked up so professionally that it shades all advantages of the gold leaves of the highest quality.
  • The exclusive souvenir has very convenient size that allows placing anywhere you want.
  • The main ides of such present is the fact that you can give for a man, woman or even a child according to their Zodiacal Sign.

In addition you will find that every present from this collection has a detailed description of the main features of character of its future owner. It will be very interesting to know these facts for those who chose such presents no matter what the occasion is. These great presents will be a perfect choice for any holiday or event. They can turn out to be a very good choice to be given to a business partner, for a birthday or just an elegant and unforgettable gift for a beautiful lady.

The magic Power of Zodiacal Signs

As it was already mentioned every present from the Zodiacal Signs collection possesses some magic powers that are evident for every person for a long period of time already and do not need any approval. However Zodiacal Signs which are made of pure gold turn out to be a very special product. They are considered to have a special ability which allows them to bring luck and protect from troubles and dangers. This fact was proved by major experts in the field of mascots. In addition thousands of years ago people were well aware about the fact that gold also contains magic powers. That is why it was chose as the most precious metal of all times. A sacred union of astrological symbols of the starry sky and the main metal of our planet made it possible to gain the astral force. This force creates a positive aura around the owner of this gift.

Experienced astrologists say that it is very important to have at least one thing that is connected with your own Zodiacal Sign. Te characters that are represented Zodiacal Sign in the workshop GoldTurtle are really impressive. They symbolize the main features of character that belong to the person of a specific sign. In case you decide to present such gift to a man or a woman, you unconsciously make a great favor for them. In addition it can turn out to be a new starting point in their life.

While creating the gifts from the Zodiacal Signs collection our professional designers tried to create impressive characters by means of armor of the amazons and gladiators that can break traditional stereotypes and change the idea about astrologic symbols. This fact makes our gifts even more attractive and exciting.

Golden presents from Zodiacal Signs collection represent nobility of deeds and thoughts that can bring you fortune and mental calmness.