Watch repair

Watch is a very personal item. A person would not like to switch over to another watch if he likes it. There may be antique watch and if it starts giving some problem, one could buy a very latest design watch. But it really does not happen as he/she still wants to continue with the old watch. Reasons may be very personal. It may be linked with some very sweet memory. It might have been purchased on a honeymoon trip.

The watch might have been gifted by a special person like wife, son, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher or a favorite students. It might have given as a gift on a farewell at the time of leaving a job. These personal attachments or emotional feelings forces one not to give away the watch even if it shows some problems. The only choice is to repair the watch yourself or get it repaired by some expert of an expert from the service center. The cost of repair or of the effort needed for repair the watch is not of importance.

A wristwatch may need a temporary or permanent repair. The type of repair will depend upon the nature and the severity of the problem. In most of the cases the repair may be very simple and can be done by the user himself, no need to take the watch to repair shop or the service center of watch manufacturer.

Watches work best when they’re clean. Keeping the watch clean require regular cleaning at intervals. Usually watch can be in good operating condition by cleaning it once a year. In most of the cases, watch may need replacement of the battery, if it is battery operated.

The process is very simple. Open up the back cover of the watch, replace the battery after cleaning it with a soft and dry cloth. It is quite possible that the battery in the watch might have discharged and mere replacement of the old battery by a new one may solve the problem.

Another small issue with the watch is dust or dirt sticking on the contact surface. Just rub the surface with sand paper and clean it with soft and dry cloth. For cleaning the watch you may need only a few things like pressurized air, magnifying glass and superfine sand paper. Removing the dust, dirt or moisture is the first step for getting the best performance from the watch. The humid atmosphere is not good for carrying out the cleaning or repair job.

The problem in the watch basically arises from the cold, icy and humid weather conditions, which results in condensation. Drying the watch with the help of hair dryer before boxing up will remove the moisture and keep the watch free from condensation. The problem of watches with winding operation is lightly different. In this case, the problem most frequently arises from winder itself. It might get bent or might have broken or damaged because of rough wear. Solving these problems can make the watch work perfectly.

The watches with more facilities like facilities with different time zones; time, date and year display, alarm, camera and many other features in the latest watches add to complications. Today, most of the watches are waterproof and are not adversely affected even if they are exposed to rain. Watches can have a very large number of parts say up to 300-400. It is preferable to get a sophisticated watch repaired by the service center. Watch is a sophisticated item and should be handled carefully. It is close to one’s heart and therefore should be regularly serviced. Repairs if needed should not be delayed and should be done on the first available opportunity.