elite handmade toilet bowls

Elite Finnish handmade bathroom fixtures

…Sometimes usual things can be arranged in a very extraordinary way demonstrating high social status and sophisticated taste. In such a case bright, bold and even provocative style altogether with refined accessories can be used in a respectable interior. Expensive handmade bathroom fixtures have always been an inalienable attribute of a luxurious house. However, there is a separate category of goods that can set the record straight…

Bold luxury for the wealthy aesthets

Here we go! Handmade toilet bowls made with the most creative approach by talented designers with the use of rock crystal, bohemian glass, premium porcelain and true gilding! Our offer is supposed to attract those who are replete with the tame conventional goods and who would like to purchase really exclusive bathroom fixtures which will make your guests fill jealous, stunned and admired. We real on true aesthetes who are constantly looking for something new, sophisticated and unexpectedly interesting.

Amazing collection of the outstanding KAKIPUKI products

Today our company produces the following types of toilet bowls:

All the bathroom fixtures are manufactured on the basis of successful design and construction solutions with the ideal adaptation to anatomic peculiarities of a human body.

Cristal bowl urinal “Splashes of champagne”        A golden toilet bowl        A glass toilet bowl        A throne bowl for a real lord

You will never find such bathroom fixtures in conventional stores – the toilet bowls like that are made on the order basis only. Our exciting collection will let you choose the most comfortable model which will become the center of the interior.

Being an owner of such a flush toilet you will be able to appreciate the remarkable skills and imaginative touch that allowed the designers for creating such exceptional bathroom fixtures belonging to the premium class.

Bathroom fixtures for the aristocrats – exclusive toilet bowls for the chosen ones!

We appreciate individuality and respect your desire to stay unnamed in such delicate issues.

We do not publish our postal address and phone number in order to filter out people who are just curious and who actually is not going to buy.