elite handmade toilet bowls

A unique throne bowl “Game of Thrones”

Those who are fond of hi-tech are offered to check out the exclusive bathroom fixtures of new generation which have already accomplished the revolution in the field of manufacture of high-tech equipment for luxurious interiors. Robot toilet bowl “Game of Thrones” is a perfect embodiment of the modern science achievements which were used in such an interesting way. Probably you already have some experience in use of “intellectual” bathroom fixtures, but after purchasing this toilet bowl your view of the opportunities provided by the latest technologies will completely change.

This outstanding toilet bowl is equipped with a very comfortable back covered with true leather quilted with golden threads. This model provides you with the maximal level of comfort and impressive esthetics – thus the use of such an extravagant name is justified. The toilet bowl is available in five stylish Dutch ware colors so that a customer could easily pick the one which will be the most suitable for a certain color scheme.

A unique throne bowl “Game of Thrones”

As for technical equipment the manufacturer did his best here by successfully and skillfully using the most interesting innovations. Automatic flush, LED-backlighting, air ozonizer, embedded MP3-player, equipment for pulse and pressure measuring – all these features turn a conventional toilet bowl into kind of a compact health & recreation center. Just imagine how it would be great to enjoy an audiobook or a favorite song during the use of toilet bowl as intended! Such exciting opportunities will surely impress everyone who will visit bathroom in your house.

But it is only a part of the story! There are special sensors which do not just conduct the common analysis during your visit to the bathroom but also have the globe shape! It brings more luxury to a usual defecation process!

The embedded air freshener can work with any contents including your favorite toilette water or perfume. Attractive LED-backlight can be switched to the sound & light show. A convenient control desk is the last addition to the technical perfection of this product. In other words it is a toilet bowl of the future which can become your favorite place for having rest.

This unique toilet bowl can be manufactured in accordance with your description and thumbnails. You can easily upgrade it – just tell us what features you need and we will add them. For example, you can equip your toilet bowl with ferula (with the embedded control desk) and orb (with air freshener). It is all individual, impressive and costly.

How can one buy a throne toilet bowl and how much does it cost?

Electronic toilet bowl (a smart bowl) “Game of Thrones” – is a royal comfort for wealthy and successful people!

They say that Vladimir Putin has something like this in his house.