If you think that all plants and flowers need the same type of soil you are mistaken.

Plants make us better

Most of us buy pot plants trying to make interior more attractive and cozy and only few are aware of that incredible use that flowers bring to them. During biological classes at school children are taught that plants release oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb a lot of harmful elements. Actually due to plants we have such a planet full of live – they began their activity millions years ago by producing oxygen under water.

Different plants do different good things for us.

For example, cactus protects people from dangerous electromagnetic radiation that comes from all electric appliances that you may have.

If you suffer from insomnia and overstrain the best solution would be geranium. This amazing plant releases a lot of very rare and useful components that make us calmer and help get asleep faster.

However it is not enough to buy a plant and water it regularly. Actually watering is not the only crucial thing to do. Firstly you should choose proper soil for your flower. Buying something versatile or collecting random soil in the countryside will never let a plant grow absolutely healthy and be as beautiful as it could be.

Types of soil

There are three main soil types available on market. You can check the information about the best soil for your flower online or by contacting us.

  • The light mix is made of leaf soil, a little bit of thoroughly washed grinded foam plastic foam, hotbed soil, turf and a bit of sand. The recommended proportion is 2:1:1:1. Such soil is the best option for the plants with short root assemblage. Actually is may be also used as temporary soil for flowers with longer roots. The most known plants that feel good in such light soil are aloe, begonia, cyclamen etc.
  • Moderate soil consists of equal shares of leaf soil, turf and humus. Citrus plants, jasmine and rubber plant will grow big, healthy and beautiful in such a mix.
  • Heavy soil consists mainly of turf with slight addition of humus and coarse-grained sand. It is the best possible mix for dracaena, laurel, nearly all species of palm etc.

You should always remember that different species of pot flowers demand not only special care and conditions but also proper soil prepared exactly for this very plant.

For instance, we are all used to think that cactus is such a strong plant that it can grow in any soil you prepare. Well, it is partly true but your cactus will be healthier and grow much faster if you make the right soil mix of gravel, river sand and vermiculite mulch. The soil should be mellow without any elements of fertilizers.

The same thing is for absolutely any other flower. You should be careful in preparing or buying soil and it is always better to ask somebody who knows for sure.

Soil experts

In our store you will find soil for roses, soil for geranium, soil for cactuses and actually for any other pot plants. Even if you think that you know how to prepare soil for your flower you are recommended to ask one of our specialists firstly. Sometimes the instructions published on different website may be not correct and accurate.

Our soil is absolutely harmless and natural. You will find the largest wide of soil at the best prices in our store.