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Dream Fishing

A fisherman’s kit

Undoubtedly the first thing that a fisherman should have is a good fishing rod. There are many different styles and models on market so you will have enough options to choose from. And don’t hesitate to ask a sales consultant if you are not sure what rod would be better for your exact preferences.

The second thing a fisherman needs is fishing line and it is not that easy to choose it. There are braid and monofilament lines and each has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, braid fishing line is extremely durable but not elastic and very expensive. Monofilament lines are much cheaper but they are not that lasting and especially they are vulnerable to heavy weight. Thus a monofilament line is not a good choice for catching a big fish.

Spoon lure and fishing float

Even if you are equipped with a cool spinning rod and expensive braid fishing line you may still fail to catch some predatory fish if you choose a wrong spoon lure. Some fish would bite a moving spoon lure and others would prefer rotating lure. There are different opinions about these two spoon-bait types but you may also check on the web what fish is easier to get with a rotating spoon-bait and what predators are helpless in front of a moving lure.

When choosing a fishing float you should also know what kind of fishing you buy it for. Although there are some standard criteria about a good float – fastening, for example. It is much better when this fastening is made in shape of a tab for fishing line. It will prevent you from losing your float. We also recommend you to avoid floats with hinged fastening because they are easy to break.

The best fishing tackle for the best price

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Our sales consultant will be glad to help you with the most suitable fishing gear. It does not matter whether you have just begun fishing or you are already an experienced fisherman there are a lot of interesting things in our store. We have even more than you can imagine! Come and check it out!

Advantages of fishing

Fishing is actually quite a peaceful hobby that positively influences our mood and psychological condition. Men love fishing because it is very good for them to get to the nature and spend some time without work, family and daily problems.

More than that fishing is a very versatile activity. You may do it within the precincts of a town or in the countryside – everything is up to you. There are so many ponds, lakes and rivers full of fish in America so that you have really endless number of options to choose.