Sharpening a Knife

Sharpening a Knife – some feasible ways

The knife is undoubtedly a very crucial instrument used in our daily life. It is a cutting tool with a sharp edge or a blade. It is not just a necessity in the kitchen, but in several other chores as well. Possessing a sharp knife is half the work done as it helps to get the job done in a short amount of time, when compared to a blunt knife. There are many types of knives available in the market today. One can choose according to their needs and requirements and use it effectively to complete their tasks.

The most important quality of a knife is its sharpness. When a knife becomes blunt, one must instantly sharpen it to use it to its full potential. The process of sharpening includes rubbing or grinding the blunt knife against a hard surface, preferably a hard stone. There are many ways to sharpen a knife and some of them are stated below.


Sharpening a Knife

One of the most common ways of sharpening is by the method of grinding. One can grind or rub the knife against a whetstone or a diamond stone. A certain angle is chosen and worked in a particular direction to get the work done in a fast and efficient manner. Diamond is known to be the most hardest of substance and it can to used to sharpen almost any metal or material available. Another trick is to lubricate the whetstone with a little oil and then grinding the knife against it for better results.

Steeling and Strolling

Steeling is a method of maintaining the sharpness of a knife. It is a process of realigning the edge, checking for any rolled edges that causes bluntness. This method of strolling is considered to be the last or the finishing step. In this the knife is tested against paper, cloth or a thumbnail. It does not remove any metal from the edge but does help to check the sharpness and brings the knife to a brand new condition. One has to be careful while checking the knife and refrain from causing any accidents.

These are some of the methods or stages of sharpening. One should also notice occasionally for any blade damage. Most often the blade is damaged by buckling or bending it by using a wrong angle to cut a sharp object. If the knife is cleaned and maintained with care after every use, then the sharpness of the knife will be undoubtedly retained for a long time.

Types of knives

The types of knives available in the market today are innumerable and varied. Some of the types available for domestic purpose are the fixed blade, the folding blade and the pocket knife, among many others. The fixed blade has a blade attached to a wooden handle and it is commonly used in the kitchen for chopping and cutting purposes. The folding blade has a flexible blade which can be folded into the handle and produced whenever required. The pocket knife is of a smaller size and can be carried around easily and is used for small chores that do not require much sharpness. Irrespective of the type, the knife should be maintained with utmost care and the process of sharpening a knife should be done frequently for effective usage.