Saplings and seedlings for your garden

Competitive price for the widest range

Pot plants are our passion and we have been successfully worked in this field for a very long time. Our specialists will be happy to answer your questions and help you with choosing a proper pot plant or a flower.

We guarantee the highest quality of your seedlings and saplings. If you take proper care of them you will get really impressive results. Our specialists deliver consultations concerning not only choosing the right pot plant but also on the topic of caring about it and preventing different problems that from time to time may disturb you.

More than just decoration

What is the main reason for buying pot plants for a house? To make it an interior look more interesting and stylish. Actually buying flowers is much cheaper and faster than doing some big renovation while the effect can be even more impressive. Even if you are a beginner in the world of plants and know literally nothing about them you can always pay some money to a good interior designer who will tell you what plants would be suitable. There are also numerous articles on the web with the recommendations on that topic and you may devote some time to it and make the choice yourself.

However decoration functions are not the only benefits that one can get from purchasing pot plants. Nearly all of them are very useful for health as well. The common function of any plant is oxygen releasing and air cleaning. Therefore if you live near a big road or a factory you definitely should surround yourself with flowers.

Additionally there are different other properties of different plants species – some of them release elements that help recover after stress, have better sleep, get rid of regular headaches and so on and so forth. There is enough information on the Internet or you may feel free to ask our sales consultants about it. As we have mentioned above pot plants are our passion and our life and we are proud to have expert knowledge in this field that we gladly share with people.

General tips on buying saplings

It is very easy to commit a serious mistake in buying a sapling. Quite often we make purchases from occasional sellers in small stores or even from the people who offer saplings and seedlings standing near the road in countryside. If you want to be sure in high quality of a sapling you are recommended to purchase it only in a proper place like our store with necessary conditions for seedlings and saplings storage.

Secondly it is very important to pay attention to saplings roots – they should not look dry or feeble. Only healthy roots will let a plant grow. And, of course, there should be no swellings and tumors on the roots.

The last thing to pay attention to is stem. It must be straight and undamaged. Check it carefully! And it is always better to trust professionals with many years’ experience. We would be very happy to tell you more about pot plants and to help you find the best ones for your interior.