All experienced gardeners in the world have heard or read about unique lilac species selected by Leonid Kolesnikov

History of Russian lilac

Everything began in 1890 when Andrey Kolesnikov, Leonid’s father, bought a new house in Moscow outskirts. It was a nice and calm place with a big lot where lilac grew. Little Andrey loved their garden and cared about it even more than his mother.

Leonid started experimenting with lilac in the age of 20 when he was a military officer. He planted two saplings of sorted French lilac. It was very difficult to get such plants in Russia and he had to take them from the

It was a very interesting person who studied economics and served in the army and at the same time was a very big fan of plants in general and lilacs in particular.

It was difficult for Leonid to start selecting right away. In order to learn more about lilac he bought more than 100 species of it and planted everything in his family garden.

And a bit later the first hybrid plants blossomed. Finally Leonid managed to select such lilac species that were able to grow even in severe Russian climate. He was the first and the only person who got Stalin’s Award for flowers.

Russian lilac

There are really many species of Russian lilac selected by Leonid Kolesnikov. For example, Victory Lilac, Marshal Zhukov, Alexei Maresyev and many other varieties. These amazing flowers were perfectly prepared for cold spring and short summer. Due to Kolesnikov’s work people who lived in the northern parts of the country could enjoy lilac as southern habitants had done.

Unfortunately as it often happens in Russia only few people know about such a prominent selectionist like Leonid Kolesnikov. Only activists of different floristic organizations remember about his breakthrough and regularly plant the best Kolesnikov’s species in different cities of Russia. They usually do it in the most memorable places that are somehow connected with the Great Patriotic War.

It is much easier to find lilac saplings or seedlings abroad than in Kolesnikov’s motherland. Although there is even a scientific center in Russia that keeps on working and improving Russian lilac species these plants are still more popular in Europe and the USA. This lilac can be seen near the Congress building.

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Healing properties of lilac

Lilac is a great choice for a pot plant not only due to its beauty but due to its healing properties as well. Lilac is helpful for treating a lot of diseases – podagra, osteochondrosis, sore throat, bronchial asthma and so on and so forth. It can help even to get rid of bruises! You may easily find different formulas and recipes online and check it yourself.