Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can transmit a number of diseases such as dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever etc. There should be an effort to be provided to control them. Control measures should be made at different stages of the life cycle of mosquitoes.

The sight of Mosquitoes flying around in the kitchen cupboard, restrooms or holes and offices may be familiar to us but we don’t just have to live with them for life. Mosquitoes bite people and also they normally shed on the waste products can get into the air we breathe. Mosquitoes are tough to kill because they have developed a resistance to insecticides. So, the continued use of these insecticides just helps them toughen up. So there are some professional methods to undertake the Extermination of Mosquitoes.

There are certain measures that can be taken place like biological control, physical or environmental control and chemical control.

Biological control

This method does not cause any chemical pollution, it is regarded as the best method of control of mosquitoes by the people. The most commonly used predators are fishes which feed on the carnivorous. Gambusia and Poecilia are the generally used as biological agent for mosquitoes to control.

Cleaning of useless water and food

Mosquitoes that come inside aren’t likely to make a permanent place without food & water to feed on. These insects are known to be very hardy & could survive for a long period of time without nutrients, but they won’t usually colonize or lays eggs without a suitable habitat. One should be very much careful about the storage of food. It must be stored in air tight containers & should be careful about not leaving dirty dishes in sinks overnight. Standing water attracts the Mosquitoes including water bowls & water containers, so these must be cleared & emptied each evening.

Mosquito Control

Hiring Professionals

It’s sometimes very difficult to get rid of the entire Mosquito’s colony on your own using official remedies or through prevention & when things get bad only a professional insect exterminator could be the best option. Exterminators are professionally trained in identifying where the mosquitoes may be colonizing & have high powered ways to kill them. Fumigation is one method which involves forcing poisoned gas into the mosquitoes Place & canvassing their habitat with toxic spray is another method. An exterminator might also use a series of sophisticated traps to ensure that the job is done.

Chemical control

There are certain chemicals and sprays that can be used for the Extermination of Mosquitoes. Spraying the toxic chemicals into air can certainly kill the mosquitoes. The use of Sprays works in a manner by slowly scrapping away the mosquitoes. With the homes of the mosquitoes damaged. The mosquitoes will die of dehydration or they could die a slow & painful death if they live in a highly humid environment because then it takes a bit longer for the mosquito to lose its moisture. The procedure to spray the poison in the areas like corners of the walls, cupboards and many hidden places the site.