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Are you looking for a good present? Give your dearest person the whole Moscow! We would like to offer you our collection of pictures made on gold, which is called “Moscow”. These pictures will show you the main sightseeing of the capital of Russia. Such kind of present will be the best choice for the guest of the city, foreign business partners and those who likes everything beautiful. In addition these pictures are made according to engravings of artists of the XIX century.

All souvenirs will bring you the atmosphere of the old city. Every image is devoted to some historical places that have already become the face of Moscow. They will turn out to be the best bet for those who respect the past and present of Russia. All the pictures are made of gold. These presents are very unusual and precious and will certainly give a lot of joy to your friends and colleagues as well as bosses and partners. "" provides you with the best choice ever! In “Moscow souvenirs” collection there are pictures of different places which have already become a calling card of Russia. You have a chance to feel the atmosphere of old Moscow which is inevitable disappearing in the past. All the present are made according to engravings of the artists of the XIX century.

These unique presents will turn out to be the best choice not only for tourists who visit Moscow, but also for those who love it and make it modern, but at the same time keep memories about its glorious past! 

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  • The Cathedral Square

    Cathedral Square souvenirs giftCathedral Square is one of the main squares in Moscow. It is surrounded by remarkable sightseeing and monuments of ancient Russian architecture. These monuments include the most beautiful and exciting cathedrals which were the main reason for the name of the square. It looks really exciting especially when the sun is shining brightly and its rays are reflecting from the golden domes of churches and cathedrals. It is the place where the most important events take place. The square has already become a traditional residence for major ceremonies that play the most important role in the history of Russia and its capitol. In the center of the square you can witness breathtaking view that you will never forget! This souvenir is made of gold of the highest quality according to the masterpiece of artists of the 19th century. It will turn out to be the best present for your friends and guest of the capitol of Russia.
  • The Tsar Bell

    Tsar Bell souvenirs giftThe Tsar Bell is one of the most popular monuments and sightseeing due to the fact that it is decorated by an unusual ornament. You will be impressed by its sizes which make him look really remarkable. It turns out to be one of the symbols of Kremlin and impresses everyone who is visiting Moscow for the first time. This giant weights almost 202 tons and is 6,6 meters in diameter. In addition the Tsar Bell is 6,14 meters high. It was created by the order of the empresses Anna between 1733 and 1735. It is not the first bell of such sizes which was created in Russia during that period of time. While masters were finishing with their work, a fire tool place. Due to this fact the bell was damaged. However, it is still one of the most exciting and remarkable historical monuments of Moscow. In addition it is the biggest bell in the whole world.
  • The Imperial Palace

    Imperial Palace souvenirsThe Imperial Palace is located in Kremlin and it used to be the residence of the imperial family. It was built between 1838 and 1849 by the order of the emperor Nicholas I. A group of architects worked really hard in order to create this masterpiece. The interior of the palace reminds us about the glorious history of the Russian warriors. The main hall is considered to be Andrew Throne Hall that is decorated with the golden pylons. The walls are made of pink marble with the spherical dome on top. The palace has another interesting hall that is made in the shape of octahedron which is the center of the entire building. During the daylight sun gets through its dome and spreads its light all over the hall. Now it is the residence of the president of Russian federation. These souvenirs will show you not only the greatness of Moscow, but the greatness of the whole Russia. It will turn out to be not only a descent Moscow present, but also a perfect Russian gift.
  • The Tsar Cannon

    Big Cennon giftRussia has been always famous for the highest level of cannon foundry. The main feature was a very high quality of every cannon. As a result we may now witness one of these masterpieces – it is a world known Tsar Cannon. It is one of the biggest weapons in the world which was created by a very talented and remarkable master whose name was Adrey Chokhov in 1586. The cannon is 5.34 meters length and it weighs 39.31 tons. Such size makes her look very impressive. In addition the weapon is decorated with different ornaments and inscriptions. It was created in order to strengthen the defense of the Kremlin. However, it was never used in any of the battles. Some people thought, the cannon was not created for war. The main goal was to make an impression on foreign representatives and messengers. But know we know for sure that The Tsar Cannon can shoot with cannonballs that weigh 819 kilograms.
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior

    Cathedral of Christ the SaviorCathedral of Christ the Savior is the symbol of rebirth and stabilization of faith. It is a very popular monument of the Russian architecture which has a very tragic destiny. It was built in order to commemorate the courage of the Russian people during the war with Napoleon in 1812. Government decided to create a remarkable cathedral and monument at the same time in order to stress the heroism of people who loved their motherland most of all. In addition it was a perfect chance to show their gratefulness to God who saved Russia from total destruction and terror. Later lives of all Russian emperors and rulers were closely connected with Cathedral of Christ the Savior. However this monument was totally destroyed during the Soviet period. Later it was reconstructed. This golden picture with the image of Cathedral of Christ the Savior was created according to the masterpiece of the 19th century. It contains the history of Moscow which makes it the best present.
  • The Triumphal Arch

    The Triumphal ArchThe Triumphal Arch is the symbol of the victory of Russians over the army of Napoleon. It had a specific location and greeted everyone who entered the city from St. Petersburg.

    It is 28 meters high and was built in 1827. From the one hand this monument has a very attractive look due to different types of decorations; from the other hand it stresses the glory and honor of the Russian army. In 1936 the Triumphal Arch was totally destroyed. It was rebuilt between 1966 and 1968.

    This souvenir will also turn out to be a symbol of freedom and it is based on the engraving of the 19th century.

  • The Red Square

    The Red SquareEvery person in Russia has seen the Red Square at least one time in his life. It is shown on major paintings devoted to this country and its capital. We would like to offer you this golden picture that contains an unusual image of this place.

    The picture shows us how the Red Square looked many centuries ago. The time goes by but the Red Square remains the same and impresses with its beauty and greatness. Such kind of present will be appreciated not only by those who are fond of history, but also by guests of the capitol of Russia. This picture will turn out to be a good addition to the interior of the office or home.

  • St. Basil's Cathedral

    St. Basil's CathedralSt. Basil's Cathedral was built during the war between 1552 and 1554. Later Ivan the Terrible ordered two famous architects of that period of time to build eight churches that would have a symmetrical position according to the one in center. St. Basil's Cathedral is 65 meters high and it used to be the tallest building in Moscow till the 16th century. It was built in honor of the famous healer who was popular all around the country. According to different legends and stories Ivan the Terrible used to ask him for a piece of advice in some in order to take some serious decisions. St. Basil's Cathedral is not only a historical monument and masterpiece of Russian architecture but also a symbol of faith and victory. This souvenir will be very interesting for those who love the history of Moscow. A golden picture will turn out to be a precious and symbolic gift!
  • The Bolshoi Theatre

    The Bolshoi TheatreThe Bolshoi Theatre is the cultural heritage of Russian people. The history of this building keeps a lot of secrets but at the same time it is full of glory. It suffered from fires. After that it was rebuilt. The building itself has a classical architecture and is considered to be one of the most beautiful theatres in Europe. The opening night for the Bolshoi Theatre was on the 6th of January 1825. Later it had several owners, even foreigners were among them. Now there are about 2,5 thousands seats. A lot of people witnessed numerous remarkable events that had its implement of the world’s cultural history. The troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre consists of more than 900 actors and actresses. This present is made of pure gold of the highest quality. It was created according to the engraving of the 19th century and shows us the image of the Bolshoi Theatre before its reconstructions.
  • The Moscow Kremlin

    The Moscow KremlinThe Kremlin is a historical place of Moscow. It is a symbol of power and reliability. The greatness of the Kremlin is stressed by its watchtowers, impregnable walls and golden domes of churches and cathedrals.

    Every person who has visited this place was impressed by the glory and greatness of the Kremlin.

    Its walls were very reliable defenders for hundreds of years. Nowadays the most important events and occasions take place n the territory of Kremlin.

    It plays one of the most important roles in lives of every Russian. That makes this present very precious and memorable. In addition it is made of pure gold.


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