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About our products

We offer different presents and gifts of a special category. Every product is a real work of art and can easily become an aesthetic center of specific interior. All our products are considered to the high standard presents of modern times.

All the paintings are made of mosaic gold of the highest quality, which makes it possible for you to keep these masterpieces for a long time. They will be safe for more than a hundred years as well as keep thei attractiveness and pure beauty.

In addition GoldTurtle studio is ready to offer production of a single copy for those who adore exclusive presents which are made of pure gold.

How do we make our products?

Pictures, ancient engravings as well as other types of images including photos are being put on gold, which is several microns thin, by our experts. After that it is high time for the golden sheet to be placed in a mat or a high quality fillet. In case you wish we can also add a special elegant leg so that you could put it on a horizontal surface.

It is really hard to understand judging by this description, isn’t it?

We receive such kinds of question very often. Here are the answers on the most common among them.

These are variable pictures which are made on pure gold. It is well known that this metal has a permanent value of the highest level. In this situation this value is even increased by our gifted professionals.

All the pictures that are made in our workshop have one interesting feature. It will look different depending on the visual angle and level of light. Due to this unique feature you will surely notice that mysterious beauty of every image that we make. You should look at it live in order to get a chance to witness this miracle. The background is hand-made and created with the help of several golden sheets. It is a unique technology that gives us an opportunity to bring the sacred charm of gold that is considered to be on e of the most precious metals in the whole world that nature gave to us.

What is mat and fillet?

The mat is a pasteboard substrate with clipped windows in it. The image is mounted in this window. This accessory is used in order to reach a balance of color between the frame and the picture itself. In order to get the best result we use only velvet pasteboard that gives a perfect chance to stress all the advantages of images on gold. The mat also give the picture necessary “air” to breathe and helps to solve different tasks during the decoration process. The picture will suit any style of interior due to the fact that we use a wide range of different colors.

The fillet is some kind of a rail that is made of plastic or wood. It is used to make a frame if the future picture. They can also have different sizes as well as colors. It helps to widen your choice and makes it possible to reveal the most daring designer’s ideas.

Is it a real gold?

We use one hundred percent pure gold as we respect our customers and clients. We offer presents and gifts of the highest class which are made of the mosaic gold of the highest quality. It is commonly known that this metal is not prone to the process of oxidation. That means that there are practically no such conditions which can damage it. It makes these presents immortal.

We have been dealing with our suppliers for a long period of time already due to the fact that they have proved to be very reliable and responsible. They can guarantee the highest quality of every product as well as offer unique and extraordinary gifts at the most reasonable price. All our products have all necessary certificates which prove their quality.

In case you still hesitate every our client has a perfect chance to check every product he likes in a special laboratory if necessary.

Why do you think your souvenirs are the most attractive for the customers?

First of all we use a unique approach while producing every copy of our products. It gives us an opportunity to offer our customers exclusive presents of the highest quality. The fact that we use original technologies in combination with local coloring turns out to be another advantage which results in the increase of demand on our presents made of gold. Another big advantage it he magic of this precious metal that can make your forget about everything with its perfection. In addition all our products have such an expressive aesthetics that you will never meet in any other product. And the last but not the list, we offer dignifying presents only for people who real deserve them.

Another important thing is the fact that we try to take into consideration all the preferences of our customers. It means that we are always happy to offer different presents made of pure gold which are devoted to a specific theme or topic. It makes them descent presents for all purposes.

How are the products from the series Money connected with the local coloring?

It is some kind of a fetish. Everyone has ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire. That is whys very few of us will refuse from getting a present equal to one million dollars, especially when it comes for gold.

By the way some examples from the Money series include not only US dollar bills but also some other currencies. Such kind of present is considered to be a strong mascot that can attract luck and fortune to its owner. That is why we decided to pay a special attention to this trend as we try to satisfy all your needs and demands.

When can you say about the Exclusive section?

We do not consider it to be a section. It is more likely to be some of our exclusive products that were made on request. By the way, we got the permission of our customers before displaying these photos on our website.

Such presents are mostly ordered by those people who would like to give something unique and special in a single copy. Bank notes with the images of different people, who they will be presented to, are the most popular products. Some people order bank notes with lucky numbers on them. For example, the serial number coincides with the date of birth or any other important date. Such bank note is being present as a mascot that brings fortune and luck.

What thing can guarantee successful long-term business partnership? The “Golden Partner” certificate, of course.

Some people often order wedding photos and present them wishing to meet golden jubilee. By the way such present will also turn out to be a perfect choice for such occasion.

A lot of things depend on the imagination of our customers. You can also use our special offers and order a unique present that was selected according to our special models and layouts of the highest quality. We can also write something special for you. By the way, it is a good opportunity to remind that we work with graphics, photos and all kinds of images.

We have extended our range of products recently. As a result we now have a new series of presents that is called Zodiacal Signs. Now you can choose, present and surprise!

Best regards,

The staff of GoldTurtle