Moscow gift

Moscow gift

Moscow is a great city with interesting and rich history. It is considered to be found in 1147 by Yury Dolgoruky. However archeologists made several discoveries that make us think about the fact that the foundation of this city took place much earlier. Before Moscow appeared there was a residence of one noble man on this location. He assigned this territory to himself and called his residence in the name of the rover Moscow.

At first Moscow was very weak. There were no towers or gate which could provide the citizens with protection from enemies. However the city was developing very fast and finally it became the center of Russia. People built churches and palaces; the territory of Moscow was expanded each month. During that period of time Moscow has already become very popular with its golden domes of churches and cathedrals. They are really impressive and even now become one of the major attractions for tourists.

Every traveler and tourist who visits Moscow is able to touch its beauty, glamour and history. Everyone has a chance to feel the unique atmosphere of the glorious city and gat a gift which will remind the about this unforgettable experience.

What gifts can you find?

Today a lot of shops offer a wide option of different presents and gifts. Some of them look just the same as hundreds of years ago. Everyone knows about Russian matrioshkas and hats with ear flaps which turn out to be a good protection from frost. However there are many other interesting things which are connected with the history of Russia and Moscow. Here you can find real masterpieces of artists from different parts of the country.

Where is it possible to buy such gift that will awake recall pleasant memories about the visit to this exciting city?

Moscow is famous for its history, monuments and impressive architecture. Every person who comes to this city will surely visit the Red Square as well as different remarkable cathedrals and the Kremlin. GoldTurtle studio offers you a good chance to keep all these exciting memories with the help of our pictures that are made on a gold leaf. Here you will find our presents from Moscow collection which are made according to engraving of the XIX century. Every golden picture reflects the glory and beauty of Moscow.

Our gifts will help you to immerse yourself in the most pleasant memories connected with your visit to Moscow. Such gift combines local color and rich history of this city.