Manicure tool Sharpening

Manicure Tool Sharpening- know its whereabouts

Manicure is a beauty treatment that is done to maintain the nails, the fingers and the hands. This treatment focuses mainly on the nails. It involves cutting, trimming, filing, shaping and coloring the nails of the hands. It also helps to retain the moisture of the hands and exfoliates the dead cells that accumulate over time. This beauty treatment can either be done in a salon or even in the comfort of your own house.

Tools used for a Manicure

The most commonly used tool is the nail clipper or the nail cutter. This is used to cut nails to perfection in order to make them look maintained and neat. Another tool used in the nail filer, which helps to shape the nails to the required shape. Some people also like to use nail art to decorate their nails.

Another frequently used tool is the manicure scissor or the cuticle trimmer which is used to shape and trim nails. Most shops sell complete manicure kits that has been carefully assembled with selected tools used for this treatment. Once can find an effective assortment of cuticle scissors, nail filer, nail trimmer and more and it comes in a compact pouch.

This pouch is very convenient for travelling purpose and helps to keep everything assembled in one place effectively.

Maintaining a Manicure Scissor

Manicure Scissors Sharpening

This tool if used correctly gives perfect results and helps enormously in trimming and shaping the nails. They come in various shapes and sizes. To retain the sharpness of these scissors, it should be cleaned and maintained after every use. Never use a manicure scissor for cutting any other material such as paper or other domestic items. Assign it particularly for your nails to ensure retaining its sharpness for a long time. It is advisable to sharpen the scissors at least twice a month in order to use it to its full potential.

Sharpening the scissors

There are many simple and easy ways to sharpen a manicure scissor and some of them are mentioned below. Using an aluminum foil is perhaps the most simplest of all methods. One simply has to fold the foil into three or four folds and then cut through it several times using the blunt scissors. This helps to retain the sharpness instantly. Another method is to use the scissors to cut through metal scrubbing pads and this method has to be repeated till the scissor sharpens as per the requirement of the owner. Yet another effective method is to cut through sand paper and this should be repeated several times. If you are looking for a very basic method then sharpeners are available in the market for this purpose. It’s the most convenient and time saving of all methods.

The process of manicure scissors sharpening is very simple and can be done at home using easily available materials. The next time you find your scissors appearing blunt, you can follow one of the above mentioned methods to sharpen it and save the hassle of buying a new one.