Helicopters repair and wash turn out to be an essential part of the overall maintenance of the craft.

Helicopters Repair

Our company has all necessary certificates and licenses which allow proceeding with high quality helicopters repair. We are offering thorough and detailed testing as well as maintenance of your craft no matter what type and model it is. Our main advantage is the fact that we have a team of experienced professionals who are well-aware of what you need.

This is why we are able to provide services of the highest quality at the most reasonable price. If you are lucky to own a chopper and need an urgent helicopters repair as well as upgrade, we are ready to meet all your requirements and needs.

Helicopter Maintenance

High quality helicopter maintenance includes several important steps. Apart from repairing and fixing our company also offers helicopter wash together with vane cleaning. This factor is very important not only for appearance of the craft but also for its aerodynamic features. We have all necessary tools and facilities in order to proceed with fact and thorough helicopter maintenance. It will not take you much time. Moreover we are offering such kind of service at the most reasonable price.

Helicopter Wash

Helicopter is a great transport for different purposes. However you should keep in mind e fact that it also needs care. That is why our company offers such services as helicopter wash. Despite the size of the aircraft steam helps to make washing efficient and at the same time very fast. Steam will also make you chopper look very shiny as if you have just bought it. Wash of you craft can ta place anywhere you want. At the same time we can take your helicopter to our warehouse and wash it there. This procedure will never do harm to the craft. It won’t spoil its flying characteristics.

What do we offer?

Our professionals have necessary experience in order to work with different helicopter types and models. They are real professionals. In case of necessity they will:

All these services are available at the most reasonable price. All you need is to call us or place your order on the website filling in all necessary information. We will contact you and complete all the arrangements and other formalities.