Our jewelry testing service will help you to avoid purchasing fake stones and save your money and nerves. Best service from professional gemologists.

Best Jewelry Testing Service

People spend thousands of dollars on jewelry which is decorated with precious stones. On the one hand such things show high status. On the other hand they are very stylish. Gems have already become inevitable part of modern fashion.

They are used by the majority of designer brands. Unfortunately some people come across gem fakes more often in the latest time. That is why we are ready to provide high quality jewelry testing service. We will not only help you to avoid spending lots of money on fake precious stones, but also help you to examine and evaluate them. Jewelry testing is provided by leading gemologists who have necessary experience and knowledge. In addition all of them are educated specialists who are able to find the difference between true treasure and useless rubbish. You can use our service anytime you like. We guarantee individual approach and high level of professionalism. We offer:

- jewelry testing

- gem testing

- semiprecious stones testing

- jewelry and gems evaluation

History of Gem Testing

Fake precious and semiprecious stones were very popular thousands of years ago. That is why the need in such kind of services appeared when people have only understood the true value of gems as well as their features and abilities. At that time gem testing was not on a very high level. In addition it took a lot of time for specialists to check the real value of a particular stone. Nowadays this situation has changed a lot. We have professional gemologists how have necessary education, skills and knowledge. At the same time they are using innovative modern technology which lets them proceed with examination at short notice. This fact excludes any possibility of mistake occurring while providing this kind of service. Gem testing is rather hard profession as it calls for attention and accuracy. However our specialists enjoy it and already have great experience in this field.

How to Evaluate Gems

There are several steps which make it possible for us to evaluate and examine precious and semiprecious stones. The main idea is to find out their origin as well as name. We try to check their weight and quality with the help of different tools and technologies which have already proved their efficiency and reliability. As soon as we have examined all necessary features and characteristic we are able to name the value of a particular gem. Our company also offers consultancy service in this field.