Interesting facts about money: Part two – cognitive.

Money records

One of the heaviest coins in the world is considered to be a Swiss coin which has a shape of rectangle and was issued in the XVIII century. It weighs 19 kg 710 gr.

A banknote which has a face value of $100 000 was issued in 1934 and contains the portrait of the 28th president of the United States.

The most expensive coin with face value of 1 million dollars was issued in Canada. It is made of gold of the highest quality and weighs 100 kg.

The biggest golden bar was produced in Japan. Its value is 3,7 million dollars and it weighs 250 kg.

Money and diseases

Despite the fact that money is one of the most precious things for the majority of people all these banknotes and coins are carriers of different bacteria and microorganisms. That is why tourists are recommended to wash their hands as often as possible while they are visiting other countries.

Paper money is the most common reason to be infected. UN is trying to do its best in order to find a cure from these bacteria. Moreover in Japan there is a cash machine which disinfects money. I

Money vocabulary

We often use different words and very seldom think about where they originated from. For example, very few people know that names of some European currencies mean a specific unit of weight (pounds, marks etc.)

Small Italian coins which were called “gazette” have practically disappeared and are no longer used. However the word is still very popular and in some countries it means “newspaper”.

Money and signs

Many years ago people tried to do everything possible in order to become rich and attract as much money to them as they could. They took part in different rituals, grew plants and flowers, put paintings and images n the walls of their houses and believed that it will bring fortune and luck.

Money bans

In case you want to have enough money you should follow several very important rules:

Avoid whistling inside your house

Do not count banknotes and coins of smack value in your wallet

Do not borrow money in the evening

Do not put money on the table

Never leave your wallet empty

Do not count your money after sunset

Money and psychology

Do you know that every person on our planet thinks about money even more often than about sex? 92% of the population of our planet is sure that being rich is better that being in love. This makes it clear that the majority of break ups and divorces is connected with financial problems and disagreements.

A lot of millionaires can’t still understand their main attitude to money. From the one hand they love all these banknotes and coins; from the other hand they really hate them.

The fourth part of population is absolutely sure that they will become rich by winning in a lottery.