Interesting facts about money: Part Three – briefly.

Money and house utensil

In ancient China coins were made in shapes of different knives, bells and even musical instruments.

Money and vanity

The first person whose portrait was imprinted on coins was Alexander the Great.

Money and punishment

As soon as fist coins and banknotes appeared they caused a big number of forgeries. However the punishment for such people was very severe. Forgers were burnt alive. These criminals were also thrown to the cage with wild animals. In England they had their right hand cut off and in the USA forgers were sentenced to death.

Money collection

The fist collection of coins belongs to a man from China who lived in the XIII century. His collection weight more than 500 kg. The oldest coin was dated 200 year B.C.

Money and art

Money was a good source of inspiration for most of the artist, jewelers, writers and designers. In Ancient Rome people used to make decoration with coins.

Money and movies

Today a lot of films are based on history of money. For example, a scenario for a famous American movie called Intuition is based in a Chinese tradition to make notes and wishes to their future soul mates on banknotes. Due to this fact many people managed to find their wives and husbands.

Money and fashion

100 dollar bill turned out to be a material for creating a unique evening dress which costs $100 000. It was used in advertisement of UK lottery.

Money and interior

One of the Iris waiters made a joke and ticked his tips to the wall f the pub where he used to work. This fact turned out to be an inspiration for one of the local designers of the interior. Today this pub is decorated with more than 500 000 banknotes. We only hope that the owner of this establishment has the insurance policy which protects his pub from fire.

Money and dreams

In case you meet cockroaches or mice in your dream you can expect to get a good some of money soon enough.

Money and hobby

You may be very surprised to hear that one of the most expensive hobbies is gardening.

Money and immortality

In some countries people use banknotes that are of o use for producing toilet paper and fertilizers.

Money and advertisement

One of the most exciting commercial campaigns took place in the United States. In order to attract as many customers to one of the supermarkets as possible 8 thousand dollars were thrown in the air. Those who managed to gram some money could spend it right there in the supermarket.

Money and monuments

There is a monument which is dedicated to people who were lost and women who became the victims of abortions. It weighs 156 tons and consists of 50 million pennies.

Money and weather

According to recent researches people are more likely to spend money when the weather is sunny and warm.