Interesting facts about gold: part 2 – cognitive.

Alchemy was very popular in the middle Ages. Every scientist was working really hard spending days and nights in order to get a formula of the philosophers' stone. However in XIV century Henry the IV established the law which prohibited every person to turn stones into gold. All the scientists did not break this law for a long period of time until the XX century. At that period of time atomic Physics was developing rapidly which made it possible to get radioactive isotopes of gold by means of specific nuclear processes.

Despite the fact that French scientists were not restricted anyhow and were free to find out the secret of the philosophers' stone a number of very brutal murders took place. Notorious Bluebeard was accused by the church of using blood of his victims to turn different types of metals into gold.

At the times when Spanish were the masters of the sea they used a lot of ships in order to transport enormous amount of stolen gold. These caravans of vessels were called Golden Fleet. However due to a big number of pirates and bad weather, this precious metal can still be found at the bottom of the Caribbean. According to some historical researches more than 100 Spanish ships full of gold are lying on the bottom of the sea. One of the vessels that is called Santa Rosa is considered to cost more than $35 million.

Today people use modern equipment for gold mining. It weighs more than 1 400 tons and needs hundreds of wagons for transportation from one lave to another. This equipment for mining is called dredge and it is controlled by 9 specialists. Its power is equal to 12 000 workers.

According to recent researches in this field there is another way for gold mining using special microorganisms. Some species of these organisms are able to extract gold from different mixtures and even oceanic water. This can turn out to be e revolution in gold mining. Despite the fact that this method is now used only in special laboratories scientists say that it is going to be available in natural conditions.

Gold and modern technologies

Due to the fact that gold has very specific qualities such as conductivity and thermal insulation, it is widely used for medical equipment, transistors and other things. Moreover this precious metal is commonly used in scientific experiments.

Gold covers bodies of two American satellites and protect them from critical temperatures as well as corrosion. It increases the level of protection of this equipment which is very important in such conditions.

Golden dust

Gold that is used for producing coins form dust. That is the main reason why different coins lose their weight if you keep them for a long time. Some people found it possible use these dust to increase their own income. In the XIX century there was a man who bought the roof of an old churches for $3 000. The reason for such a bargain was very simple. There used to be a mint next to this church and it was obvious that its roof collected a big amount of golden such during many years. This man managed to collect 8 kilograms of gold!