Interesting facts about gold: part 3.

There is a very interesting attraction in one of the Japanese resorts. It is a golden bath. The hotel is very popular with tourists due to such kind of attraction. However there were several efforts of robberies which were revealed by the local guards. Some people carried different instruments in order to take any part of this bath as a souvenir. One woman became very famous for breaking her jaws while trying ti bite off a small piece of the bath.

The idea of golden bath is not as new as it may seem from the first sight. Today a lot of celebrities and movie stars are ready to pay an enormous amount of money for such kind of attraction. The golden bowl «50 shades of yellow»

Gold and health

It is commonly known that gold is widely used for prosthetics of teeth. The fist dentist who started to use this precious metal in his work was an Italian doctor who found it possible to mount teeth by means of golden threads in the XVI century.

Today gold I used not only by dentists but also by a big number of different doctors. Some of them use it for prolongation of youth. The idea of the method includes stretching of the golden threads under the skin of face and body. It stimulates the production of specific substances which help to make skin more flexible which reduces the number of wrinkles. Some people say that the effect of this procedure can last for up to 6-8 years which sounds to be remarkable.

Golden etiquette

In the epoch of monarchy there were certain rules connected with wearing of golden jewelry. People could wear only a specific amount of earrings or fingerings according to their position in society and age. Nowadays there are also some very important rules. You are not supposed to wear jewelry which is made f different types of gold. It is considered to be wrong if a person wears golden and silver chain at the same time. If you have more than 3 rings on one hand it means that you have bad taste.

Gold on your table

In a popular restaurant in Manhattan they serve one of the most remarkable meals that is called Frrozen Haute Chocolate. It costs $25 000 due to the fact that it is served with cream which includes 5 grams of gold for every portion. In addition you will get a small spoon with diamond incrustation which you can keep after the meal. Different restaurants all over the world also use golden threads for decoration.

Alcohol producers are also eager to excite and impress their customers. They offer drinks which can also include small amount of precious metal. For example, French vodka Gold flakes supreme includes small amount of 24K gold and it costs $60 per bottle.

Gold and beauty

It is obvious that gold is very beautiful. Throughout the whole history people respected jewelers who dealt with this precious metal very much as they were able to create real masterpieces. A good example is Pharaohs’ masks as well as giant golden discs which contained the images of sun and moon. Golden dishes and cups of the middle Ages as well as possession of Templers create a historical heritage which cannot be evaluated.

Gold was also used for making mascots which were considered to have magic powers. Such mascots could protect their owner from different troubles and diseases as well as bring them luck and fortune. Even nowadays people pay a lot of attention to different souvenirs which are made of gold. They believe that these souvenirs will defend them. Despite the fact that history of this precious metal is covered with blood, its grace and beauty are immortal.