Interesting facts about gold: part one – history.

According to numerous discoveries that were made by archeologists, first gold was discovered on the territory of the Near East in the third millennium B.C. It immediately became a precious metal due to its properties. Later it was used as the alternative to money.

It necessary to mention that gold was the reason for a big number of wars which took place throughout the whole history of the mankind. It caused destruction of civilizations and led to battles and numerous casualties. Despite this fact gold is still the most precious metal that is loved by all people.

A lot of people died for this metal. But what do we know about it?

Gold and its properties

Gold has a very high level of density and is included in the list of precious metals. In addition this metal is very flexible and easy for processing. In order to keep the shape of things which are made of gold, jewelers often add alloy of other metals. It can be silver or copper. The preciousness of things that are made of gold is evaluated by the amount of this metal on 1 gram of the total alloy.

Gold and nature

Gold can be found as nuggets. Sometimes it can be mixture with silver. Geologists are absolutely sure that nowadays all sources of gold have been already discovered. However those sources that can still provide us with this precious metal are very hard to reach and gold is of a very low quality there. The biggest nugget of gold was found in Australia in 1869. It weighed 71 kilograms.


The biggest statue made of gold was created under the order of queen Semiramis. Its weight was 250 tons. Another sacrifice statue was made using 30 tons of precious metal and was 12 meters high. The capital of the Golden Horde was decorated with the statues of two horses in their natural size which were the symbol of the powerful army. However these statues were lost during the reign of Mamai and it is still unknown where they are. It is another secret of our history.

When Inca Atahualpa a great chief was kidnapped by conquistadors the ransom fir his life consisted of 11 thousand lamas. However Indians were ready to pay in gold. The amount of precious metal was really enormous. It was possible to fill the room which had 50 m volume with all that gold that was supposed to save the life of the chief. Nevertheless he was killed.

Gold reserve

Nowadays the biggest gold reserve belongs to the USA. It consists of 8 thousand tons of precious metal. Germany takes the second place. However India has the biggest number of jewelry made of gold among all the countries in the world.

Nowadays gold is used practically everywhere. World’s famous companies make their products using this precious metal. As the result we now may use laptops, phone and many other devices which are also made of gold.