elite handmade toilet bowls

The golden bowl «50 shades of yellow»

If you have finally realized that your life is cool… If you are seriously thinking on creating a collage from $100-banknotes on your toilet bowl… If the time has come to demonstrate the top level of luxury…It all means that you need an incredible golden toilet bowl which will put the lid on the matter of esthetical perfection in your bathroom interior!

Golden toilet bowls have become symbols of extravagance and untypical skill of satisfying the craziest needs. Golden bowl can be often found in funny stories, people admire them and glorify them. Such luxurious bathroom fixtures are used as expensive decorations in the best hotels and mansions of our world. So why don’t you join this elite club which challenges the most precious metal of the human history?

Why don’t you experience those exciting feelings which appear when you are using such a golden bowl? What prevents you from breaking the habitual fitness of things by making the craziest and thus the most awesome purchase in your life?

Our toilet bowl is made of different golden alloys like the alloy 585 or the 750th alloy with different colors and shades. And, of course, we also offer toilet bowls of the pure gold (999.9 alloy)

The golden bowl «50 shades of yellow»

The toilet lid and seat are manufactured in accordance with the individual lines of your body and are draped with mother of pearl, leather (we have an impressive range of exotic leather) or fur. Such a model looks just perfectly with the toilet seat edged with sable brushes. Only a butterfly wing beat in a breathless weather can be more tender and soft.

A golden toilet bowl… It is not just a costly part of your bathroom interior. Such an exclusive solution for everyday needs is affordable not for each king, newly rich people and magnate. A golden toilet bowl does not just makes the owner’s status higher – it just puts him into the range of successful people with good sense of humor and with enough courage for such acts. These people are not embarrassed of being so wealthy.

Gold is not just a mean of hoarding or a material for manufacturing accessories. This metal has its own mysterious magic which literally pulls even more wealth. A golden toilet bowl is a magic sanctuary. It will surround you with the air of power and authority every single day. And it looks so noble! And it daily brings you so many pleasure feelings and emotions! And finally it makes your friends gape! Just imagine what a powerful and brilliant luxurious thing you obtain!

How can one buy a golden toilet bowl and how much does it cost?

Buy a golden toilet bowl – it’s time to get used to the royal standards!

The golden toilet bowl of Barack Obama mounted in walking distance from the Oval Office was used as a prototype of this model.