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Bohemian glass toilet bowl «Polar light»

Wealthy connoisseurs of true beauty are offered to take a look on exclusive bathroom fixtures which will turn around your perception of luxury! A formidable bohemian glass toilet bowl is just what you need for creating the aristocratic luxurious interior. Such a solution has absolutely no analogues on market. Moreover – this product is a part of limited product series. This magnificent toilet bowl can definitely be regarded as a designer decoration feature that can be the central part of the interior esthetics.

Bohemian glass has always been considered to be a luxurious material for manufacture of various home utensils. The history of bohemian glass melting began in 13th century when Czech glass-blowers started using hardwood ash instead of sodium in their mixes. That is how the concept of “bohemian glass” appeared and now it has an excellent reputation and high status. It was really a genial idea to produce a toilet bowl from bohemian glass. Such a solution turns your bathroom interior into something absolutely unique.

Bohemian glass toilet bowl «Polar light»

It is a sophisticated pleasure to use such a toilet boil as intended. You will be able to see wonderful sparkling splashes which are refracted in different color shades. Just imagine the astonishment of your guests when they see such a miracle in your bathroom! And imagine how your interior will change after such a masterpiece is installed! Such a stylish toilet bowl proves your sophisticated taste and outstanding sense of humor.

Nowadays extravagance in any issues is becoming fashionable again among wealthy people. It is quite challenging to surprise an experienced person, however a bohemian glass toilet bowl is certainly able to make a great splash for your guests and friends. As an owner of a chef d’oeuvre you can daily feast your eyes with a piece of interior which perfection will make your feel happy for many years.

How can one buy a glass toilet bowl and how much does it cost?

Unique bathroom fixtures for happy and wealthy people!

As far as we know this toilet bowl is an exact copy of the one Angela Merkel has.