Amazons – immortal beauty of fearless warriors

Amazons… Beautiful valkyrias of the antiquity…

Till present times the origin and existence of these fascinating women are covered with mystery. It is very hard to say for sure if these tribes, which consisted of women, have truly existed or it’s just another beautiful myth which was created by passionate and thirsty for love men, who used to spend a lot of time in different battles.

Nevertheless amazons turned out to be one of the most attractive and desirable women’s character which is a symbol of beauty, courage and wisdom. Not in vain great Homer glorified in his poems the internal battle between courageous amazons and Greek Kings. And it is not surprising that some of these battles were won by women. The Greeks are well known aesthetes.

They considered amazons to be goddesses, who were masters of the sword and archery as well as knew the secret of different spells, curses and incantations. Some people even thought that amazons were immortal witches who can cure all kinds of wounds with the help of secret potion.

According to different myths amazons were not only fearless and aggressive conquerors but also divided themselves into different clans depending on their gods’ preferences. Different tribes fought against different nationalities. However they were all ruled by their queen, who had an unbelievable power and beauty. She managed to be very a successful ruler of all amazons, who used to make forays on their neighbors. For childbirth they used to get in sexual contact with the most handsome men that were left as prisoners after the battle. They believed it would help to make their generation even more powerful and skillful on the genetic level. The one of the most trustworthy stories about amazons has come to us from the times of Alexander of Macedon. According to this story the queen of amazons visited the great king in order to continue their generation and create the most powerful valkirya of the antiquity. Nothing is known about how this story ended, however after it all mentioning about amazons have suddenly vanished. Some people suggest that the queen just couldn’t resist the temptation and fall in love with the king, who was a very handsome and charming man. That means that all amazons were forced to fight on the side of Alexander of Macedon.

However it may sound surprising but amazons were well aware of zodiacal signs. To say more they worshiped these signs like their gods. And due to the fact that every clan was specialized in a particular martial art they also had their own heaven protector, who helped them during battles and kept them young and beautiful for a long period of time. It could also defense amazons from incantations and could put an evil curse on their enemies. The armor of these women reflected the features of zodiacal sign which was honored by a particular clan. This was the starting point for creation of new customs and rituals which we can often meet even at present times. They are mostly connected with mysterious astrology and occultism.

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Female Aries

present_for_woman_Aries Amazons that belonged to this powerful clan used to decorate their light helmets with horns of wild sheep, which was considered to be a sacred animal. These women were thought to be one of the most powerful warrior clans in the antiquity. Their main weapon was a special stick in the form of the mace. It was used to hit the enemy while riding a horse. These amazons loved different decorating elements which were also a part of their armor. The main feature of this clan is the ability to find the way out even if they are put in a tight corner. Due to stamina and skills these clans were often sent to fight against the most dangerous enemies including the Greek army which took its position near Troy.

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Female Taurus

gift-for-girl-taurus Amazons who honored Taurus were considered to be very skillful witches. They could make surrender even the most courageous enemy from the distance. Wide magic necklace and elegant helmet were the part of their armor. The helmet was also decorated with thin horns of chamois or fallow deer. They also carried a magic mirror to reflect the enemy curses and spells. It was also placed on the helmet, which was considered to be a very important and essential part of the armor. The main weapon of this clan was a cup with love potion which was poured out into a sacrificial fire before the battle. They hardly ever took part in the battle itself as these tribes were some kind of elite in the society. They specialized in the occult weapon. The main feature of these women was the ability to bear fruit from any situation.

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Female Gemini

gift-for-girl-gemini This type of amazons is very gentle. They love all the pleasures that life and nature presented us. However you shouldn’t underestimate the real power of these women. They generally fight in pares and armed with light spears and dressed in elegant leather armor. These amazons a very skillful in battles from the distance and were considered to be even more efficient that the most skillful archer. Their perfect skills could be only compared with erotic caresses which they could give. In addition they could fight back to back for a long period of time and were used to protect the queen. Moreover these amazons were also very creative and famous for their high temper and sharpness of mind.

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Female Cancer

present-for-woman-cancer In case the enemy had a chance to meet these tall and furious amazons it would mean that the battle is over. These women were armed with weapon used in a close combat. The weapon had a shape of trident which could leave deep and ugly wounds on the body. They didn’t have any additional armor as they considered themselves to be the most courageous and fearless warriors. They also had a very strong spirit. However this clan was also famous for its fertility. Its representatives used to give the biggest number of births and were the best mothers of antiquity. In addition these women were very openhearted and always ready to lend a hand. But when it came for a battle all this kindness and openheartedness vanished at once and the amazons turned into furious warriors and there was no such force that could stop them.

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Female Leo

present-for-woman-leo These amazons were taught secret skills of hand-to-hand fighting and used to serve as queen’s life guards most of all. The main weapons of representatives of this clan were special gloves with very sharp long claws on both of hands. They needed only one fatal blow to kill the enemy. They also used a both sides sharp comp that served as a decoration and could make a fatal wound on the body. It was fixed with a leather belt and hidden under the beautiful hair. These amazons were not allowed to fall in love with men. That is why they always fought with a doubled energy and desire.

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Female Virgo

present-for-woman-virgo These amazons were very smart and sly. Reconnaissance was their main specialization. They could get into the enemy town or village and find out all necessary information about the number of enemies as well as their posts and types of enforcements. Using their beauty they seduced commanders and high-rank officers and then poisoned them right in their beds. The main features of these women are the ability for self-sacrifice, coolness and beauty which helped their army to succeed in most of the battles and reveal numerous secrets of their enemies. They tried to keep fit and were vegetarians. They proved that beauty is one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.

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Female Libra

present-for-woman-libra Antique valkyrias that honored Libra sign were representatives of the legislation power in the clan. They were very calm and stable. In addition they were very smart and solved all problems and conflicts inside the tribe. They also played the main role when it came to the future destiny of the prisoners. Thanks to these amazons many of male children were not killed according to the ancient tradition. Just born boys were sent to their motherland or they were sometimes adopted by the kings of the friendly nations. These women didn’t take part in battles and were appreciated for their wisdom and right decisions as well as the ability to make compromises.

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Female Scorpio

present-for-woman-scorpio Amazons of this zodiacal sign were always considered to be the best witch doctors. They could tame different wild animals and make remedy potions as well as poison for arrows and spears using different plants. They often took part in battles and led their animal troops that made enemies run away with horror. These women were always ready for heroism and were fearless and aggressive warriors. However treatment and tame of the wild animals was the main specialization of this clan. There are some legends that tell us about armies of enemies killed by poisons scorpions and snakes.

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Female Ophiucus

present-for-woman-ophiuchus It is the unique zodiacal sign that is considered to be a protector of the queen of amazons. She was chosen according to her date of birth which coincided between the 30th of November and the 17th of December. The snakes generally had a sacred and holy status in the antique times. It was a symbol of power and force. Amazons, who belonged to this clan, had a very light armor and weapons. They usually created a queen’s special squad and protected her even when she had rest. According to one of the legends representatives of this clan were very close to the queen even sexually. One of the main traditions of this tribe is a total taboo on any hint on relationships with men. It resulted in the development of their feeling and unwilling desire to all beautiful things which surround us.

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Female Sagittarius

present-for-woman-sagittarius As we can judge from their zodiacal sign these amazons were the best archers ever. According to one of the legends in early childhood they had their right breast cauterized which made it easier for them to aim using a bow. However this brutal procedure helped to benefit during the battle especially when it came to a necessity to conquer a city. These tall and slim warriors wore a bandage on their heads which helped to collect hair which could interrupt from aiming. The main feature of these amazons was a perfect ability to make important decisions at short notice.

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Female Capricorn

present-for-woman-capricorn This tribe honored Capricorn sign and was considered to be the most solid clan among others. They had their own traditions and customs and always tried to stick to them. In addition they were very devoted to their queen which helped them to get the most responsible and important positions. As the result they often managed to make a very successful career. The armor included a helmet decorated with horns of the wild chamois, leather armor and fighting stick. These warriors were the last to retreat in case the battle was lost.

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Female Aquarius

present-for-woman-aquarius Those amazons who honored Aquarius sign were the most extraordinary warriors of the antiquity. They used water resources in order to fight their enemies from hidden places and for masking. There is a legend about the whole army of barbarians that were making their way through the thick forest. They came across a small group of amazons, which was hiding in the surrounding swamps, and were totally destroyed. They were usually armed with light javelins and were able to mask themselves using different plants that enemy was not able to do any harm with its arrows. Despite the fact that this clan practically didn’t take part in the sea battles they sometimes stole up to their enemies using small rafts made a great damage to then and retreated by sea.

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Female Pisces

present-for-woman-pisces These amazons were considered to be the best mistresses and hardly ever to part in battles. These gifted women preferred different pleasures to war. However despite their frivolity this clan had a very strong desire to create a descent hearth and it was absolutely common situation when representatives of this clan left their tribes for traditional polygamy tribes to take care of their children and make different performances. But once there was such occasion it were Pisces who saved the queen from being captured by the enemy. It happened when a small horse troop was making its way to the main camp at night these keepers of the hearth managed to make the Greeks run away with the help of flames and spears.

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The character of courageous and beautiful amazons can excite the imagination of every modern person nowadays and can attract with its singularity. This character makes us draw a willing and gracious valkyria whose heart will be hardly ever conquered. This character is widely used in different stories and novels as well as films and paintings. That is why we would like to offer interesting and unusual presents according to your zodiacal sign which illustrate fascinating amazons made of pure gold! Style and beauty in combination with unusual approach – these are the main features of presents made by “GoldTurtle.ru”!