Gifts for Men: gladiators Gods of the Arena

Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant! (Those who are going to die salute Caesar!)

Violent Rome is rejoicing… In the center of the arena strong armed men are fighting to death against wild animals, such as furious hungry lions, and other warriors. The battle is followed by the deafening roar of the crowd. It is really hard to imagine how courageous, brave and coldblooded these men should be in order to face possible death with weapon in their hands every day during the Roman Games and fight against skilful warriors with the same features of character who are ready to do their best to win the battle and stay alive. In addition they have minimum of armor to defend themselves and a very small choice of available weapon.

Gladiators – this is one of the most beautiful legends of the Ancient Rome that can easily compete with the history of Glorious Caesars due to its romantic atmosphere. That was the period when courage was one of the most precious features. At the same time the spirit of a true warrior considered to be even more dangerous than the sword.

This resulted in the fact that gladiators became some kind of a symbol of valor and courage. These warriors were adored by the most beautiful Roman hetaeras and they were respected by the most furious emperors. But the most important thing was the fact that the crowd worshiped to gladiators. The most courageous and beloved warriors had a chance to get freedom after the final battle. The rulers of the Rome made such a precious gift to those who showed their perfect skills in using spear or sword.

One of the bravest emperors Lucius Aurellius Commodus preferred to take part in such fights in the center of the arena against best gladiators. In case any warrior chanced it and defeated the emperor he would get not only freedom and popularity, but also a lavish reward. Lucius spent more than 800 hand-to-hand fights which ended with death of his rival! However the rebellion of Spartak is considered to be one of the most important events in the history of Roman Gladiators which showed his endless love to freedom as well as fearless courage of all the warriors who took part in those brutal games.

The main feature of gladiators’ characters included their pure hatred of death. In addition they were very handsome and physically strong. Such combination made it possible to create a symbol of a courageous man, that is always ready to defend himself even if had his back against the wall. The armor of the most successful gladiators was displayed in the temples of goddess Minerva, which was also known as beautiful and warlike Athena in the Ancient Greece. Time was passing by and this armor became a symbol of luck, braveness, power and mental beauty. According to some historical sources even glorious Julius Caesar while appealing to his warriors was dressed up in the armor of gladiators.

There is a version that those zodiacal signs which we know at present times were used by the ancient astrologists due to a strong belief of gladiators in their destiny and final mission. It is not surprising as different heaven symbols could coincide with characters of the highest standards of humanity. This was the main reason why the Romans, famous for their pride, were forced to honor the most gifted and talented warriors of the arena. Today such souvenirs will turn out to be a perfect present for those men who do believe in the magic power of the ancient traditions that are enriched by the mystical aura of faraway constellations.

What were those glorious warriors of the arena like?

What armor and weapon did they use?

Gladiators had their own wide classification. Our professionals from Goldturtle studio managed to create fascinating characters of zodiacal signs which are made of pure gold using the most popular gladiators’ armor. Let’s start:

Bestiarius (Leo)

present for man leo Bestiarius were fearless gladiators. They were firstly accused of different governmental crimes and sentenced to death. But they had a chance to become gladiators and proved to be very brave and courageous. There are lots of different legends about bestiaries that are known even nowadays. In addition this name of the fearless warrior became a symbol of courage and braveness. These were essential features of character in case you want to succeed in a fight against hungry lion, rhino or even tiger. These wild animals were teased before the fight in order to make them as furious as possible. Sometime there were occasions when gladiators managed to fight the wild animal with the help of only a wooden stick. The most skilful and gifted warriors tried to tear the jaws of lion or rhino with their own hands. In order to make their glory obvious for everyone bestiaries used to make their armor from the lion’s fell, which was the symbol of their courage. Leo is the most powerful zodiacal sign which symbolizes fearlessness and courage of its representative. The armor of the Bestiarius has a magic ability to strengthen the aura of this constellation, which protects independent and brave men.

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Dimachaerus (Virgo)

present for man virgo These warriors were famous for their flexibility and craftiness. They were also considered to be the luckiest gladiators of the Ancient Rome and always showed their perfect skills of dodginess and fencing. These gladiators were usually armed with two light and sharp swords and their armor included only a mask. High speed made them able to move as lighting. They immediately changed their position during that made their enemies, who got a lot of damages and wounds, lose their concentration. Such tactic was very successful and made it possible to fight against gladiators with heavy armor and weapon. In addition it was very hard to reach Dimachaerus as they tried to move all the time around the enemy. The main feature of these gladiators was perfect physical condition and sharp mind. Those who managed to get freedom during the games usually became successful sellers and actors. The armor of Dimachaerus symbolizes wisdom, optimism and good sense of humor. Another advantage of men that are representatives of this zodiacal sigh is the ability to create efficient strategy. This souvenir will turn out to be the best bet for them!

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Equites (Aries)

present for man Aries These gladiators used to start a battle riding a horse. They were given a chance to throw their spear only once. After that they were forced to continue the fight without a horse. They often decorated their helmets with horns of wild ram which made their look more frightening and furious. They were also armed with light cavalry shield and a standards gladius sword. All the fights where these gladiators took part were followed bloody fights. However they used not to finish their enemies against the will of the Emperor when he pointed with his thumb down. Such disobedience could cost them their lives in some situations. However the crowd was always on the side of the gladiator and managed to save their lives from time to time.

Mutinous spirit is the main feature of this zodiacal sign. Such men even nowadays have a unique ability to work out effective solutions in order to achieve their final goal.

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Hoplomachus (Taurus)

present for man taurus These were gladiators of the highest level with heavy armor and weapon which included massive Ligonier shield, short sword or a heavy axe. They also wore a heavy helmet which was decorated with eagle’s feathers or frightening horns of the buffalo. These warriors used to fight on their own against a group of gladiators in the most complicated battles. They considered being the elite among all other classes of gladiators who were able to cut their enemy on two pieces with one hit. They were also famous for their firmness and persistence which usually resulted to get praise from the Emperor and the crowd.

This zodiacal sign symbolizes the highest level of reliability, dignity and courage that era reflected in their fascinating armor. The axe is a symbol of sharp mind and the ability to take necessary decisions at short notice.

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Laquearius (Scorpio)

present to man scorpio These gladiators had a special status in the Ancient Rome. These warriors fought in order to create an unforgettable show which hardly ever led to the death final. As the result their only weapon included a stick and whip. In addition they were always well dressed in order to fascinate the crowd. The fight was accompanied by the sounds of trumpets and dulcimers in order to create a necessary atmosphere. Those who had the best skills often fought against different wild animals as well as the best gladiators among other classes. Laquearius used a metal whip which could easily break animal’s spine with one hit. The main talent of these gladiators was the ability to concentrate all their skill and technique in one fatal hit. They spend a lot of time training in order to make this skill perfect.

Those who were born under the sign of Scorpio are famous for their striving to success. In addition they know when it is the best time to take a specific decision to make it as efficient as possible. This present will become a useful amulet that can increase the level of power and dedication.

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Murmillo (Gemini)

present for man gemini These mysterious warriors of the Ancient Rome were armed with sword-gladius and oval shield. They used to fight in pares against more powerful and well-armed rival. Their significant helmets were decorated with beautiful crests that looked like a fish with stripes. It helped them to find each other when the battle was in full play and lend a hand to the partner in case he was put in a tight corner by the enemy. The mystery of these warriors was the fact that if one of the mirimillons died during the fight the other one committed a suicide right on the arena. Some people say that this was to symbolize the brutal friendship between men and their devotion while others think that it was just an inevitable part of the show. Nevertheless these gladiators were considered to be one of the main parts of the Roman Games.

The sign Gemini is a symbol of pure devotion that is so rare to find in the modern chaotic world.

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Navmahiarius (Aquarius)

present for man aquariusThese are also representatives of the elite among other gladiators that were allowed to take part in sea battles which turned out to be the best entertainment for the emperors of the Ancient Rome. These gladiators fought on different kinds of vessels. Their armor included shining helmet with crests. In addition they had short swords, grappling iron and heavy spears which made it possible for them to neutralize enemies from the distance. These sea battles were sometimes followed by artificial fires on trimmers. This fact made it very important for gladiators to prepare as much jars with water as possible in advance. Sometimes they used these heavy jars as a weapon.

Representatives of this zodiacal sign are very attracted by water. In addition they are famous for their courage and braveness which resulted in the ability to solve the most difficult problems under risky circumstances.

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Retiarius (Pisces)

present for man pisces The whole set of weapon of these gladiators included a trident, a knife and a net. They were considered to be the most ancient class of the Roman gladiators. They appeared on the arena when the games were only becoming popular. However due to a high level of efficiency of the above mentioned weapon these experienced warriors managed to fight against better-equipped Thraeces. Later they were allowed to put on helmets and special pads to protect their neck. However a trident and a net were still a part of their weapon. Moreover the net sometimes used to save these gladiators as they were very skilful in throwing so that their enemy was not able to move which made him very easy to rich and make a fatal blow.

Needless to say that this class of gladiators became the main symbol of Pisces zodiacal sign. Everyone remembers the symbol of Neptune’s power – the trident and a fascinating fishing net on his shoulders. Men of this sign are famous for the ability to create different traps for their enemies and are used to fight till the very end.

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Sagittarius (Sagittarius)

present for man sagittarius Those gladiators who used to ride a horse during their fight were armed with bows and were able to turn the arena into bloody battles which were delightful for the crowd, senators and Caesars. They were as fast as lightning and were perfect archers. They were entered the fight on it final steps to finish those who left and fighting against each other at the same time. Sometimes there were occasions when these brave warriors tried to shoot the Emperor with an arrow to revenge him for making them prisoners. However no one succeeded but the memory about these efforts made other gladiators believe that there is still a hope to get their desired freedom that eventually resulted in the rebellion of Spartak.

According to different legends the spirit of sagittaries has come from the Sagittarius constellation. People of this sign always strive for freedom which they get with the help of firm decisions and actions.

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Scissor (Cancer)

present for man cancer This is one of the most dangerous gladiators of the Ancient Rome that used to fight on his own. The weapon included classical sword and a special sharp shield-scissors which could leave a deep bleeding wound on the body of the enemy. In addition they were very skilful in using any type of weapon and had a perfect physical form. That made it possible for them to hit their rivals from different positions. Light helmet concluded the armor of these gladiators. This warrior could easily handle with several enemies with heavy weapon. They were also very effective in fighting with horsemen as they could easily neutralize the horse with their special shield and finished the rider with their sword.

All men of this zodiacal sign, which has already become a symbol of Scissors, are famous for their great potential for a dynamic development of their personality, crier and business.

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Thraex (Capricorn)

present for man capricorn Thraex is a classical Roman gladiator that has already become a legend of all battles which took place on the arena. The main features of these warriors included courage and fearlessness. They wore a massive helmet that was decorated with the feathers of peacock and sharp horns. In addition they carried a heavy bronze shield and curved sword which was sharpened from both sides. Such armor and weapon made this gladiator one of the most dangerous warriors on the arena who were famous for hard and permanent pressure on all their enemies. In case they lost their sword during the battle they could easily use sharp horns on their helmet. They put it off and used it as a knife during a close battle. The most honorable Thraeces were allowed to use fascinating battle stick that used to serve more like a decoration during parades before the battle.

Capricorn protected Thraeces from the ancient times. Nowadays men of this zodiacal sign are followed by great luck and resourcefulness in any situation.

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Velites (Libra)

present for man libra Velites were the gladiators with light armor and weapons. They used to wear frightening helmets and fought with the help of light spears. They were very popular for the high level of skills and courage. This features helped them to fight very successfully against gladiators that had heavy armor and much more serious weapon. Their main advantage was the ability to take correct decisions. They also tried to be very active during the battle and perform permanent pressure on their rivals. This resulted in glorious victories which turned out to be the most memorable on the arena. In addition Velites were famous for their devotion and openheartedness. Due to the fact they remained cold-minded and calm even while having their backs against the wall they managed to beat all their enemies and gain glory and love of the citizens of the Ancient Rome.

Those who were born under this sign are also famous for their wisdom and creative mind in combination with the ability to go to the very end in any situation with the help of correct and wise decisions. The armor of the Velites symbolizes self-confidence, devotion and firmness.

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Venator (Ophiuchus)

present for man ophiuchus Venators were one of the most mysterious classes of gladiators. They used not only to fight against wild animals but also managed to make a real show with putting their heads in the lion’s jaws as well as juggling using poisonous snakes and balancing on the back of the furious camel. This made them one of the most adorable and popular warriors among citizens of Rome who evaluated courage and different tricks most of all. They used mostly javelins but they were very skilful. During the fight venators often used their special psychological abilities. There were some occasions when venator could make a furious leopard quiet only looking at it. Some Romans thought that these gladiators were shamans and witch doctors who could talk to different animals. This was the main reason why they were honored more than all other gladiators.

The armor of this zodiacal sign can strengthen mysterious beauty and provide the owner of such souvenir with additional protection from bad luck and unpleasant turns of destiny using cold-bloodedness and courage.

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