Flowers and other plants are not just beautiful but also good for our health.

Use of flowers - flower pots

As you probably know from the school program our silent roommates are not just a stylish decoration. They also bring real use and make the ambience in a house healthier.

Flowers and other plants release incredibly amount of oxygen and it is their main function and advantage. They also eliminate a lot of dust and neutralize harmful and toxic components that may appear in the air. It has been proved by scientists that air in a room with plants is more humid and healthy. Our skin definitely appreciates it.

Certain species of plants and flowers also release other different components that help when you have headache, suffer from sore throat or cough. According to the opinion of well-known psychologists and biologists plants positively influence our mood and general state of health and mind.

Finally flowers and plants are very good decorations due to their affordability and nice look. A lot of them demand minimum of care with the maximum of result. Anyway before buying a new plant to your house you are advised to check whether you have an allergy.

The best pot plants for your home

Chlorophytum is known as the best pot plant. Even one mature plant is enough to get rid of 90 percent of toxic and harmful components that may be found in the air of a typical house or apartment. Chlorophytum annihilates formaldehyde much more efficient than any other hot plant.

People who live under constant pressure and suffer from stress are recommended to but a geranium to their bedroom. This flower releases several components that help relax and get rid of insomnia. Taking into consideration the tempo of our today’s life such a plant is probably necessary for everybody except little children.

A cactus is absolutely irreplaceable if you are surrounded with electronic devices. People who work with computers, cell phones or any other electric equipment regularly suffer from electromagnetic radiation and cactuses are the only pot plants that can neutralize this negative effect with no harm for them. One more advantage of cactuses is their ability to survive without water for a long time. It is quite a nice especially if you leave for vacation and there is no one who could come and water the plants.

Pots as a part of interior

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