Extermination of Cockroaches

The name originated from the Spanish word for cockroach, “Cucaracha” transformed by the English folk etymology into cock & roach. The sight of cockroaches running around in the kitchen cupboard, restrooms or holes & cracks in the ceiling may be familiar to us but we don’t have to live with them for life.

Cockroaches generally don’t bite people, they normally shed & their waste products can get into the air we breathe.

Cockroaches are tough to kill because they have developed a resistance to insecticides.

So, the continued use of these insecticides just helps them toughen up. As a human being one need to be craftier than cockroaches & must use effective ways to exterminate them. The following is a list of cockroach extermination using basic tools.

Boric acid poison:

-The use of boric acid works in a manner by slowly scrapping away the cockroach’s shell or cuticle with its harsh particles. With the shell damaged, the cockroach will die of dehydration or they could die a slow & painful death if they live in a highly humid environment because then it takes a bit longer for the cockroach to lose its moisture.

The procedure to use this poison is to mix the boric acid with sugar, flour & water to make a paste so that will be more tempting to the cockroaches.

Use of heat gun:

- Cockroaches usually live in colonies underneath cabinets, cracks in the walls or ceilings & preferably dark & moist places.

So, one must go after their colonies, get a heat gun used for stripping paint & angle the nozzle towards their colonies & blast them away.

If one hit the right spot then the cockroaches will scramble out or die instantly since the extreme heat will dehydrate & suffocate them.

Extermination of Cockroaches                dancing cockroaches               Extermination of Cockroaches

Limiting Food & Water access:

- A cockroach that manages to sneak inside isn’t likely to make permanent home without food & water. The insects are known to be very hardy & could survive for long period of time without nutrients but they won’t usually colonize or lays eggs without a suitable habitat. One should be very much careful about the storage of food. It must b stored in air tight containers & should be careful about not leaving dirty dishes in sinks overnight. Standing water attracts the cockroaches including water bowls & water containers, so these must be cleared & emptied each evening.

Professional services:

- It’s sometimes very difficult to get rid of the entire cockroach’s colony on your own using home remedies or through prevention & when things get bad only a professional insect exterminator could be the best option. Exterminators are professionally trained in identifying where the cockroaches may be colonizing & have high powered ways to kill them. Fumigation is one method which involves forcing poisoned gas into the cockroach’s nest & canvassing their habitat with toxic spray is another method. An exterminator might also use a series of sophisticated traps to ensure that the job is done.