Design Exclusive Wedding Rings

Traditionally wedding rings should be simple and exciting which is to associate with the smooth and regular life of am married couple. However, most designers show the opinions that the classic wedding rings will outdated soon and yield to the exclusive and unique wedding accessories.

Special accessories are appropriate at special events. And this is the reason why the couple getting married opts for the unique models with the fascinating patterns and king-size blend of materials. The exclusiveness is when the rings differ from what most women have for their ceremony and such rings often cost a fortune.

The most expensive rings by Breuning will cost you around five hundred Euros. The lower price level for Dora rings totals 1600 Euros for a couple of them. It will take you 1500-2000 Euros for a set of wedding rings by San Maurice and Peter Heim while the elegant platinum and gold masterpieces by Gerstner will get your 4000 Euros.

The wedding rings ands with esoteric signs, ethnic and zodiac signs are more popular as well as Celtic and Scandinavian ornaments. And list of unique models is not limited.

Twin set diamond rings

The design of wedding rings in this style is in recently. In the previous century the trendsetters of the wedding fashion recommended that the newly married use rings various in design and style, thus demonstrating the everlasting struggle between Yin and Yang, nowadays the conception of the Twin set is based on the values far special from those used in the past. The rings for the groom and the bride are made in the same style and is the like the eternal keepsake for the harmony in hearts of two loving people.

«Twisting» rings

Twisting rings aka complex rings are based on two basic elements. The lower and wider ring is made of the red gold and the upper ring from white gold or platinum overlaps it. It is kind of twisting around the lower ring. The upper ring is often encrusted with precious stones and the diamonds are the frequent gems for such rings. There are various Celtic knot work patterns in the world that give the chance to scope for the Celtic style rings. Patterns can also be engraved instead of worked into the metal itself, thus proposing more intricate designs.

The legendary Trinity by Cartier

The Trinity ring is a signature jewel for the Cartier House and the designer who committed to such a ring expressed the simplicity and brilliance in this model. Trinity is also known as the ring-transformer since it consists of three interweaved thin and delicate rings. One of three rings is made from yellow gold and stands for faithfulness, the second made from the white gold symbolizes the friendship and the third made from the red gold is for the love.

Mokume Gane rings

Mokume Gane, or in other words Wood Grain Metal, is the ancient Japanese technique of turning precious metals into unique swirling patterns. Yet, the processing method was invented in the country of the Rising Sun three centuries ago. Heterogeneous metals are layered to turn into the alloy in process of the thermal procedure. Then the ready product is cross-sectioned and twisted becoming the rings with patterns of the fascinating and amazing nature. Most of ornaments made in mokume gane technique resemble the wood texture. Every single ring is fabricated to fit your finger, your stone, and your style. There is no mold.

The Korloff rings with internal lacquering

The Korloff Jewelry House patented the invention of the rings in 2007 when it manufactured the wedding rings coated with color varnish from inside. The rings appear to be the classic and traditional rings made from yellow, red or white gold and the glimpse of amazing diamonds. And the core of the design is associated with the dearest secret of the two as it is created. Thus, the shade of the lacquer is chosen by every single couple individually from the rich color gamut from the tender beige to the thick black tint.

Connector-styled wedding rings

Exclusive rings do not stand for beautiful bands. They sometimes may look awkward like the wedding rings by Seattle artist Jana Brevick that she offers at her internet store for some $ 175 for an item. They seem to be decorated with the components of the customary Ethernet port. The elements are also named «dad» and «mom». The designer seems to express her opinion when the marriage should have the quality of the wideband connection.

The pair of connector rings is the best for true geeks to tie the knot, and once they are interlocked, it means simply that no one could run away from the other ever.

Wedding rings for driving-addicted

The American company Brian Bergeron Designs offers the gift for those who keen on driving and proposed the line of wedding rings as the car tire casing with various patterns. The collections include rings for bikers with the engraved ornament as the track of the motorbike and also the rings for amateurs of the bicycling. The company is willing to make the wedding rings at order and the plain silver «tire» will cost you around $ 100, while the VIP model will need the amount up to $ 3000.

Sound rings by Sakurako Shimizu

The designers possess the fascinating fantasy and it is hard to find people who can get astonished with the designer solutions to the heart. And the Japanese designer Sakurako Shimizu worked in the same direction and invented sound or «talking» rings. The audio track is laser engraved onto the ring and the audio text is recorded. Thus, the classic wedding ring is kind of interesting device which is able to make proposals, say love words and say yes to the marriage proposal.