Electronic keys for innovative & highly secured systems

The framework offices in organizations and governments business locales where data engineering (IT) is quickly developing face different astonishingly to claim an expanding number of servers. Specifically, they must secure suitable supplies and actualizing avoidance and efforts to establish safety to guarantee stable server operation. For this another idea of Electronic Key otherwise called I-key has been acquainted with keep safe the information from getting hacked or demolished.

Prior remote controls were utilized for this sort of employment which is very much an old design now. Utilizing the remote control was very convenient as one press the transmitter, a preset code is sent to the collector which is likewise preset with the matching code. The recipient along these lines validate the code and the transfer inside the beneficiary will be enacted, the sign is then nourished into the controller of the boundary, a programmed entryway framework to open or close the framework yet with the presentation of this I-key (Intelligent remote control), the framework gives an added layer of security to your right to gain entrance control framework well beyond the standard wiegand position.

Overview of an I-key

I-key pendants give a sheltered and straightforward approach to control access to any office. At the point when a catch on the pendant is pressed the one of a kind pendant number and site code are sent safely through radio recurrence to the collector to be decoded. Once decoded the code is exchanged to a right to gain entrance framework by means of the business standard wiegand convention.

Electronic keys

I-key is the savvy and basic approach to control access to your safe ranges, for example, blast entryways, climbing boundaries and entryways. Front line engineering permits I-key to enter numerous offices with only one key. Utilize the I-key and your safe access couldn't be less difficult! Void and approve and I-enter pendant in your right to gain entrance control framework much the same as a nearness card. I-key recipient join with a right to gain entrance control framework much the same as an onlooker.

Advanced Security

I-secure innovation gives an added layer of security to your right to gain entrance control framework well beyond to standard wiegand design. With I-secure the I-scratch pendant and collector are encoded with an interesting client code, so card data just gets to the right to gain entrance control framework when client codes match. The aftereffect of this is a to a great degree secure framework, lessening the dangers of traded off information or copy pendants being gone to the right to gain entrance control framework which might be basic place on less secure innovations. Ultra high security could be given by joining the I-secure with a custom office position for a client.

Gate operation

The I-key 6 pin beneficiary has been intended to interface with a standard door engine drive control. The I-key pendants could be learnt into every 6 pin collector to permit the client to work the door from the wellbeing of a vehicle. 250 clients might be associated at a solitary time. I-secure engineering is likewise joined into the 6 pin beneficiary.


I-secure innovation, beneficiaries and pendants oblige matching client codes to capacity. The client code diminishes the danger of bargained information or copy pendants.