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Cristal bowl urinal “Splashes of champagne”

Would you like to feast your eyes with the exceptional luxury in your house? Maybe you wish to make your guests gape by presenting such an astonishing thing to them?

We offer magnificent and outstanding urinal made from rock crystal – it is a great luxurious piece of bathroom fixtures produced for true connoisseurs of exclusive interior solutions! Such an unusual urinal unit can easily challenge any other exclusive gift by heating old taste preference with its non-compromise aristocratic look.

More than that crystal has a mysterious and even magic reputation – it is mentioned in numerous fairy tales and legends as an irreplaceable attribute of power, wealth and beauty.

Just imagine what incredible opportunities are hidden in a luxurious urinal unit made from rock crystal! The splashes shining in the plane deflection and unspeakable feeling of sitting on a throne! An inspiring music of the pouring water and opalescent light! An endless esthetic pleasure during the habitual things! It is a real triumph of sophisticated taste which perfectly displays impressive wealth and passion to the esthetics of the owner.

Cristal bowl urinal “Splashes of champagne”

Such a miracle of foreign bathroom technologies will let you wipe all your friends’ and neighbors’ noses A golden toilet bowl? It sucks, it is old-fashioned. And what about an opalescent urinal unit playing with different colors and shades, made of rock crystal and having a basin shape? Your friends will not be able to hide their astonishment. The basin shape was chosen on purpose – according to the investigations more than 84% men pissed into a basin at least once per life. And now you can do it as many times as you wish without taking the dishes away! Such an urinal unit can be called a true masterpiece that surprises even the most schooled and experienced spectator.

A crystal urinal… Just imagine! You can feel it with champagne for the Christmas and compete who will piss more and faster! Or decorate it with LED fairy lights… Or slivery spangle. In word such a piece of interior provides you with a very big number of solutions and with endless space for imagination.

How can one buy a crystal urinal unit and how much does it cost?

Buy a sophisticated crystal dream! You really deserve it!

Allegedly Justin Bieber already has one.